How will my personal data collected be used?

Esplanade will use personal data collected from the campaign for tax deduction purposes and to enable participation in the campaign. This will include personal details and images being published on the virtual tile as uploaded at the time of donation. For full details, please refer to campaign Terms of use and Data Privacy Policy

What happens to the image(s) that I have uploaded?

Images uploaded will be publicly displayed only within the context of the campaign, including promotion of the campaign. In addition, Esplanade reserves the right to make use of the images uploaded by donors to create a piece of visual art installation for display purposes in future.

Can I personalise the piece(s) of roof cladding?

Yes, you will be able to personalise your piece of “roof cladding” by uploading a photo and a short text message prior to payment. You will be able to write a short message (140 characters) and/or upload a picture. You can also choose to use a generic image provided by Esplanade. You are free to […]

Can I “adopt a cladding” for someone else?

Yes, you can certainly buy a “virtual roof cladding” for friends or family, upload a photo and short message and share it with them via email, Instagram or TikTok. However, an image and short message can only be uploaded by you, at the time of donation. Please remember when choosing the image and text that […]