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Esplanade View

The roof claddings

As Singapore’s national performing arts centre, Esplanade presents over 3,500 live performances and activities each year that reaches some 2 million audiences. 70% of these programmes are free to all, and our gardens, venues, exhibitions and visual arts installations, children’s play area and mall welcome people of all abilities and backgrounds to experience the arts in the city.

Our mission

At the heart of Esplanade’s work is our collaboration with artists. Even as we present the best in the world, a significant majority of our programmes feature Singapore musicians, dancers, theatre and art practitioners. Alongside this diverse community, we have served countless audiences over the last 20 years.

Esplanade is 20!

Our dedicated arts programmes currently reach out to over 300 schools and institutions. These programmes support a young person’s learning, creativity, ability to empathise and question, because we believe the arts are part of a person’s holistic development. Online, Esplanade Offstage further provides education resources, podcasts, videos and more for people of all ages to learn about the arts.

Adopt a cladding

In partnership with social service organisations, we also bring over 600 arts activities to more than 14,000 individuals in vulnerable or difficult life circumstances annually. Esplanade is also Singapore’s first dementia-friendly cultural venue, with various programmes and ticket concessions to better serve seniors and differently-abled communities.